Some Features of the Keppe Motor

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Suitable for a number of applications: The Keppe Motor can be designed to replace most of the electric motors which are now used in a variety of different applications. It can replace single/polyphase induction motors, DC brushed/brushless motors, synchronous AC motors, Universal brushed high speed AC motors, reluctance motors etc.

Quasi-linear efficiency curve: The Keppe Motor’s efficiency is practically constant over its working range, which means that the same motor can be used for different applications requiring more torque or speed. For example, our 1/2 HP laboratory prototype provides more than 90% efficiency whether running at 1W or 400W.

More durability: Heat losses are minimized due to high efficiency and preferable iron-silicon coreless configuration. Can be considered a "cold-running" motor, even at a maximum nonstop working regime.

Excellent Specific Power: The Keppe Motor has a very good output/volume ratio, which makes it suitable for portable products that require light weight, like the weed whackers used to trim grass in public squares, gardens, and road sides.

Minimum Stand-By consumption: Suitable for applications in which the motor is not required for work, but cannot be turned off. Ideal also for regimes with intermittent and/or variable load.

It can be encapsulated: Due to lower temperature peeks, the Keppe Motor can be sealed for applications in severe conditions, like those in environments containing particulate materials, chemicals and even in marine environments.

Increased autonomy: Ideal for automotive applications because it makes better use of batteries.

Thinner wires: Less electric current is required to run the motor. This makes it more economical and especially suitable as auxiliary motors in the automotive, nautical and aviation sectors.

Versatile manufacture: It can be constructed from many different types of materials including rare earth magnets (neodymium, cerium, praseodymium etc), ceramic magnets (ferrite) as well as copper or aluminum windings.

Many possible configurations: 1) multiple poles: from 2 to any even number of poles in both rotor and stator, 2) poly phase windings: single, two or three phase motors,
3) with or without iron-silicon core windings,
4) radial or axial configuration,
5) innovative matrix radial configuration for high power applications.

Universal motor: It can be easily designed to be plugged to any domestic AC voltage 110-130Vac/220-240Vac and grid frequency 50/60Hz.