Lab certifies Keppe Motor as the most efficient in the market.

February 5, 2014

According to the Official Performance and Safety Tests Report performed by Testtech Laboratórios de Avaliação da Conformidade Ltda, the Universe Keppe Motor ceiling fans complied with the expectations of the KEPPEMOTOR team: “They are the most efficient and economical in the brazilian market in their category”.

Thus, it is officially launched a new era in the worldwide market, including the DC Brushless. The KEPPEMOTOR technology, with its resonance motors establish new efficiency and energy saving parameters for motors up to 1 HP, that is, for about 60% of the motors of the world, used mainly in household appliances, commercial establishments, public sector, buildings and agriculture applications, amongst others.

In the governmental field it is immediately and concretely feasible the energy reduction in residences, shops and other fields.

Through the programmed substitution of conventional technology by the Keppe Motor it will be possible to redirect investment resources in energy generation distribution and transmission infrastructure for socio-environmental projects.

Check below the complete reports of UNIVERSE, UNIVERSE TURBO and UNIVERSE TURBO ECO measurements.

Click here to see the UNIVERSE Testtech report (in portuguese).

Click here to see the UNIVERSE TURBO Testtech report. (in portuguese)

Click here to see the UNIVERSE TURBO ECO Testtech report. (in portuguese)